Jakub Xavier Baro

Jakub Xavier Baro

JAKUB XAVIER BARO - IBY POP https://soundcloud.com/jakub-x-baro is a musical autodidact (vocals, guitar, drums, piano and mandolin) with a single, "Gypsy" school and that is the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF HUMAN VOICE of Ida Kelarova.He was the former member and head of its international choir Apsora with whom he toured the Czech and Slovak Republic. Furthermore, private lessons play drums (prof.D.Řehoř - FOK), classical guitar (M.Rosůlek) and singing (L.Nopová).

2006 - formed his own trio "IBULON aka IBY & CHIPS EMPIRE" (vocals, guitar, songwriting), and together they recorded a mini CD "Salute to gypsies" in 2008. Today it is a band of six members, playing old and new original Gypsy songs in the style of funk, rock, pop and all together called "Gipsy noise". https://www.facebook.com/IBULON

Since 2010 member of the band Alasdair Bouch BAND - drums, vocals, and a former (ex) member of pop-rock band "GEOFF TYSON BAND (us, swe, cz) - guitar, vocals, ska-rock-reegae CCTV ALL STARS (uk, swe, us, us) - drums, and band VERONICA PADILLA (swe, chill, cz) - guitar, vocals, drums, percussion.

2009 created the music for the dance-theater performance of "Cases of Dr. Touret" (Ponec theater) http://www.vertedance.org/projekty/pripady-doktora-toureta-2009/, http://www.divadloponec.cz/playbill/detail/id/50353/mn/19/page/35

2010 he founded together with Anna Polívkova band "Aniba not say" stubbornly playing original songs called Popůvky. www.facebook.com/anibyneřekla

2011 he composed music for the clown duo M.Issová and A.Polívková "Krasavice intercontinentalní" (Theatre La Fabrika) http://www.lafabrika.cz/program.php?subsect=read&p_id=659

2012 with A.Polívková created performance, strange musical "Ani by neřekla" (theater La Fabrika, Ponec) http://www.lafabrika.cz/program.php?subsect=read&p_id=790, http://www.divadloponec.cz/playbill/detail/id/50791/mn/19/page/35

- 2013 member of the first Czech balkan brass band FANFARE ORANGEADE playing a cover songs of production by Fanafare Ciacorlia, Goran Bregovic and other stars of Balkan music. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fanfare-Oranzada/129322897144430?fref=ts